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Interested in how we are bound by the time system in society, I stayed up 24 hours and wrote down each minute in real time (e.g., I was writing down 12:37 at 12:37). The length of one minute significantly varied on my condition at the moment; when I first started, one minute went by quickly but when I was getting tired and sleepy, just waiting a minute felt incredibly long. I was surprised to see the result because one day, which has the unlimited possibility, could fit on just a piece of paper. The table contains invisible happenings while each minute reminds of you specific moments at specific time. The grid system resembles the structure of things in the social system and It cannot contain everything that's happening as a grid. However, the idea of 24 hours reflected in the grid itself contains every single thing that happens in a day and I wanted to show the contrast between visible and invisible while I visualize one day as well.

Every Minute In A Day, Etching, 20x26 Inches (51x66 cm)